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Equilibrium in MEMENTO


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Mohammed Alsalman

My understanding of space is that space results from people relating with people in the film as well as people relating to objects around them. can we defined whether people with spaces in Memento while Laini was going to Nattily and Jenny and both of them manipulated him also he used his own analysis to make it right or wrong to get his memory back would that be as term of his space?

Brandon F

I see the idea of space as we are using it in this class as all of the relationships between object in our environment. and how we change those relationships as we move through the world

Mychal Bowden

If you wanted to be technical about it, then space can be considered to be the area between two objects. However, space - in regards to film - can be regarded as the culmination of several relationships between us and the world (living and non-living) and how we interact within it.

cullen manley

I would define space in terms of film, as the way in which a director makes use of a set, or what type of particular background for a scene he wants in order to project to the audience a certain type of feeling. An example of this would be a scene in which maybe an actor is locked in a closet, the lights are out, you can hear his breathing, this use of space conveys a message of unease for this character and is one use of cinematic space.

Drew E.

I think that space in movies pertains to the people and objects in the areas around the character, and how the charater interacts with them. When he picks up an object and moves it, he is manipulating the space around him.

Becky Bond

While these estimations about space are correct, in a sense, I think they are mostly a little broad for the subject matter. I think the answer is more general than that. I think space in the context of M-e-s is about looking at a still frame and analyzing the relationship of the subject matter to the void remaining in the frame.

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